List of the Best Games of 2020

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My Super Game is a game site directory that strives to have the ultimate catalog of the best free games for all devices. The site provides popular free-to-play games that can make you feel addicted. You can play those games on PC, Xbox, PS4 and PS5, Nintendo Switch console, Mac, Android and iOS. Bookmark My Super Game, if you're looking for fun and cool games in the world. I want to provide you the collection of best games to save your time. Instead of searching games from Google, you need to check My Super Game to see Pros&Cons, detailed FAQ, social media and honest review of your favorite games.

Why did you make My Super Game?

Just like everybody else in the world, I use search engines to find popular games, but I wasn’t happy with the result. I was wondering: why I can’t find a catalog of the games. Why should I spend hours of time searching info about game on different resources?
At the end, this idea came up: It just would be so easy to check one website with top games of the world.

So, I’ve started sorting and looking for the best games, as your time or anybody else time is precious and I wanted to provide the better games. Sorting games isn’t easy thing, you need to divide them by genre of games, type of devices, game platforms, social media activity and etc and etc.

Of course, you can use Google Play, App store, Kongregate, Epic store or PlayStation store to find games, but will you find rating of the world best games for PC or game consoles? I have doubt about ;)
You still can use Steam to find a proper online game. But, hey! Games on Steam cost money and a lot of people are not happy to pay money for it. Obviously, I can’t make games to be free on Steam, but what I can do is to find amazing alternatives of such as games and make a super collection of online and offline games for FREE.