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Are you scared of horror games? ☠️☠️☠️

Who first came to the horror genre: a movie or a game? The answer is, of course, movies, and it happened 100 years before this genre gradually began to move into the genre of games.

So here's an interesting fact is that today we use fear as a way to get joy, whether it's the horror movie, game, or even some frightening story from your friend. Of course, now I want to talk about the gaming industry, which provides an opportunity to fully experience what a typical person doesn't want to experience. Few people want to be in a quiet misty town dwelled by all sorts of evil spirits, or in the brush of the forest with a single flashlight.

The question arises, why do we do this, try to immerse ourselves in that terrible world with frightening monsters, and how did the developers achieve the desired effect, so that the player specifically forgot about the comfortable room and hastened to be in the foggy forest? To completely understand this, let's dive into the history of the horror game genre.

The first survival horror that contains almost all the features of the genre is “Shiryou Sensen: War of the Dead”, which was released in 1987 on PC. The game introduced us to a girl named Lila, who finds herself in a city contaminated with an infection and attacked by nasty zombies. In the same year 1987, the game “The Laplace's Demon” was released, in which we explore a gloomy mansion filled with various dangers.

The progenitor of the horror genre was released in 1992 and named Alone in the Dark by Infogrames. Classic horror game and everything that was developed and improved after was intended by this masterpiece of the horror genre. Camera view, choosing one of two characters to play through, complex puzzles in addition to destroying various monsters, manipulating items in the inventory. Also, Alone in the Dark had a fascinating plot and a huge mansion to explore.

It's safe to say that the beginning had laid. Horror games had come out on their way and along this way gained popularity and recognition in the gaming community. This genre has met with both successful projects and failed ones, including Alone in the Dark: Illumination, which successfully let down almost any remaining fans the franchise might have had. But to balance the scales, here is another icon of the genre — Silent Hill series. The first game, which appeared in 1999, came out with a unique story, city with terrifying horrors, and with its special, melancholic atmosphere. The series includes several movies and many games for different platforms.

Today, survival horror looks different, thanks in large part to games such as Outlast, the Penumbra series, and Amnesia, which have shown that survival horror can be much scarier if the player looks at the world through the eyes of a character. When the enemies are incredibly strong, and the player only has to run and hide from them under beds and behind cupboards, then the game makes you feel the most real fear.

Perhaps many will now say that the genre of survival horror no longer has that popularity that it had in its heyday. Yes, it may be so. But many game developers still try for the good of their community, so that you have a place to experience real fear, sitting in your comfortable chair. And games of this genre will always be one of the best candidates for this.