Alien: Isolation - first-person survival game

Pros & Cons of Alien: Isolation

  • Players can fight or run and hide
  • Craft to build weapons
  • Feeling the fear everywhere
  • It can be hard to kill androids

Horror games have become something between walking simulators, hide-and-seek, and puzzles of varying levels of complexity, and in general, they are all projects of the same type. However, there was one game in all the boredom that tried to change the genre, not bringing something new to it but combining the best that different generations of horror have given us. This game was Alien: Isolation developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega on October 6, 2014, for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

We all know the story of the spaceship Nostromo, about an alien who kills the entire team of Nostromo one by one except for Lieutenant Ellen Ripley and ends up in outer space, and Ellen herself goes into anabiosis in a rescue shuttle, in the hope that someone will pick her up…

At the beginning of the game, we find out that the year is 2137, and that Ellen Ripley had a daughter, Amanda. She's 26, and she's looking for her mother who went missing with the Nostromo. To do this, she was hired as a technician for the same corporation. And now the first clue was found – the black box from Nostromo. Amanda, along with lawyer Nina Taylor, goes to the station. Already on the way to the station, they suspected that something was wrong: first, external damage to the station, then head of the security service reports about the emergency. But this doesn't stop our heroes, and they land. However, to get inside, they had to go into space and only Amanda manages to get to the station.

At this point, the introduction ends and the main part begins, in which Ellen Ripley's daughter will have to figure out the causes of the emergency at the station, find her companions, reveal the secret plans of the corporation and meet face to face with an alien.

Alien: Isolation Gameplay

A game maintained the perfect balance between the most interesting horror features: a first-person camera, research, a lot of stealth, weapons, and also some useful devices: sound bait, smoke bomb, Molotov cocktail, and others. At the same time, most of this Amanda has to make herself from the materials she can find on the station. The player must explore each location in detail to find items that can be useful, and there are 8 types of them. Also, the levels are full of notes and audio recordings that reveal bits of backstory and code-locked lockers where useful loot is located, for which you have to find the password.

Even though many horror stories presented us with a helpless main character, in Alien: Isolation, the main character can fight back against the enemy, and at the same time they gave us the freedom of choice: go at it head-on or quietly bypass it. An important role is played by the tracking device, which also migrated from the film. Without it, it is sometimes impossible to find out about the location of the alien: it moves both through rooms and ventilation channels, and at the same time quite quickly. The device has only one drawback: this thing is incredibly loud beeps, which attracts the attention of the enemy, and if he heard you - you are in trouble.

From all of the above, an atmosphere in the game makes you excited, strain all your senses, waiting for an alien to jump out of the ventilation somewhere around the corner and dive on you. This is insanely cool, it's nice to pull your nerves and make your brain work at full capacity.

As a result, we can say that Alien: Isolation turned out to be not all perfect, but still excellent, and at the moment the best of the few games in the Alien universe. The developers managed to maintain a balance between survival-horror elements of different generations of the genre and create a unique, high-quality product that can entertain, tickle the nerves and give great pleasure, both from a good story and gameplay and from a powerful atmosphere and nostalgic feelings.

Alien: Isolation FAQ:

Q: How long it will take to beat Alien: Isolation?

A: For skilled horror players, may be 3-4 hours, but for average user - 16 - 18 hours of best experience.

Q: How scary is Alien: isolation?

A: Honestly, it’s not super scary, but it has incredible ways of generating stress, emotion and fear. For example, music and atmospheric tension to be worse than meeting the Alien.

Q: When does the alien first start hunting you?

A: Spoiler! It starts from the San Cristobal medical facility. After medical facility you will have to listen to every sound.

Q: How to restore power in Alien: Isolation?

A: This moment can be confused. Just access the terminal next to where you turned on the generator, and at the use the utility section to turn on the power. Restore power to Departures.

Q: How to use medkit in Alien: Isolation?

A: To be able to use a medkit, press Q and mouse over to the Medkit section, but don’t click it. Just hover over it and release Q. Hold R. This will activate the medkit.

Q: How to craft in Alien: Isolation?

A: It’s easy. Just find the blueprints. The first one you find is in the door with the passcode in the lobby where you say, "Hello... is anyone here?" Once you get them, you press Q and then left click on the item.

Q: How to put away flare in Alien: Isolation?

A: Hold Q to bring up item wheel. Put cursor over item that isn't the one you have equipped. Click right mouse button. Once should do it. You'll see her put the item down right away if it worked.