Outlast - psychological horror game

Pros & Cons of Outlast

  • The game makes scary
  • Can’t hit or fight, only run in the game

Pretty decent survival horror game developed and published by Red Barrels

The genre of "horror" has been established in the world of video games for a long time. And in these times, when the virtual world has become closer to many of us than ever, the endless field of psychological thrillers and just scary horrors will be provided with superior regularity. One of those was released on September 4, 2013 and called Outlast.

The plot of the game tells us about a young and very ambitious journalist Miles Upshur, who yesterday sat in his comfortable office and drank aromatic coffee, thinking about where to get some sensational article. And here is a very intriguing message: one of the fans sends a curious letter with a description of a creepy place — psychiatric hospital named Mount Massive Asylum, where, presumably, take place experiments on living people. And here we go, standing in front of that very hospital. This place doesn't look abandoned at all - lights in the windows, you can hear someone talking, screams for help, and someone is constantly walking behind the wall.

A psychiatric hospital is a fairly common setting for horror games and movies. Cold hospital corridors filled with patients who are probably not right in the head, and only this, without any other horrors, cause most people to feel fear. In Outlast, the only thing Miles has - his mind and a video camera with two important functions: excellent zoom and night mode. The night mode, of course, consumes a lot of energy and uses the batteries in just a couple of minutes, so you will have to use it very carefully. Without night vision, you will be left alone with the solid darkness. And in this game, you are physically aware of the presence of darkness, feel how it surrounds, and shackles you. At this side, the creators took a very responsible approach to the visuals.

In the hospital itself, you will be waited for by its residents, who are set up to a curious guest in the best case neutral, but some will show enviable aggression. Miles doesn't have a self-defense weapon, and he can't even push the enemy away. The only salvation is the fast feet of the main character. The darkness, which in many games everyone tries to avoid, will become your strongest ally because it will hide you from the unfriendly monsters that formerly were people. And if someone still noticed you, you need to immediately run wherever you look. And as long as the dark corridors follow one another, and your hands with camera shake, everywhere it will seem that you are about to be captured and will have to hide in the first wardrobe or under the bed in the hope that the enemy will pass by.

As a result, in the game, you will find tense chase scenes, during which you will have to think quickly, and your heart will start beating at an incredible speed, also including exciting games of hide-and-seek with a psychotic doctor. Thanks to the classic ways of the genre and moments that intensify the tension of the entire game, you will spend time both in fear of the dark and with the desire to find out what terrible secrets it hides.

For those, who want to see continuation of the game, play Outlast 2, it was released on April 24th 2017. Outlast 3 will be released in 2021. Check MySuperGame for updates.

Outlast FAQ

Q: how long is outlast

A: It’s pretty short, 2 to 3 hours to finish game.

Q: how long is outlast 2
A: Based on developers information Outlast 2 is going to take 10 hours of gameplay.

Q: Which game is scarier outlast 1 or 2?
A: It depends, if you haven’t played any chapter of Outlast before, then Outlast 1 will be scarier, obviously.

Q: How many chapters in outlast 2?
A: 6 chapters at all, each is names for a particular book in the bible. Genesis, Job, Lamentations, Judges, Leviticus and Revelations.

Q: When is outlast 3 coming out?
A: It should be released in 2021.

Q: How does outlast end?
A: Spoiler! Miles the journalist will die, as he lost a huge amount of blood, broke multiple bones. He becomes the host.

Q: How are outlast 1 and 2 connected?
A: Currently, there is no obvious connection foe these parts. However, funs believe that in Outlast 3 we will know how parts are related to each other.