Silent Hill online game

Pros & Cons of Silent Hill online game

  • Good gameplay (combat, camera control, environment interactivity)
  • No inverted camera
  • Game graphics

Silent Hill is a horror game developed by Team Silent and published by Konami in 1999 for the PlayStation.

Horror games have always had their niche, but the trends of the genre itself have changed from generation to generation. With the arrival of the fifth generation of consoles, the world has seen the new era of games, and specifically, survival horrors. Along with Alone in the Dark, we've seen another game, that has changed the genre - Silent Hill.

The first part of the series develops in the mysterious city with the same name - Silent Hill. The plot is based on Harry Mason, who is looking for his daughter, Cheryl, in the town of the Silent Hill on the lake, in a country neighborhood. Cheryl disappeared after a car incident that happened on the outskirts of Silent Hill. In an unconscious state, Harry was taken to Silent Hill by a woman from the police department near the city, who arrived there to investigate a recent mysterious loss of communication in the city.

Harry discovers that the city, which is not typical for the season of snow, is very deserted, covered with a thick fog, and infected with monsters. Eventually, he realizes that Silent Hill is captured by a fiery alternative dimension known as the "otherworld". It is a monster-filled version of Silent Hill's nightmares and phobias that have come to life. While cleaning the city, Harry gradually learns the elements of history and discovers a ritual performed by the city's religious cult to revive an ancient evil god, the object of the cult, which, according to beliefs, should bring Heaven to Earth.

The city, in which you will walk, "swallowed up in darkness". You can feel it from the first minutes of the game. The city is not damaged, there are no broken shops and any sort of accident, burning buildings and, surprisingly, people. There is no one but you, empty foggy streets, slow-moving snow, and terrifying discoveries. But wait a little bit, and you will find your new companions - various running, jumping, crawling, and flying monsters. By the way, at the beginning of the game, you will follow the image of your daughter in a crooked alley, where you will find such wonderful things as pools of blood on the walls, a bent wheelchair, and a bed with a corpse. And just after a few seconds, your hero will simply be chopped with knives by small disgusting creatures.

Yes, a significant threat to Harry's life is represented by kinda unfriendly creatures that wander on the streets and live inside buildings. This threat is increased by poor visibility, either due to thick fog or pitch-black darkness. The player can use a pocket flashlight, but its light reaches only a few meters. For this reason, sound plays an important role in the gameplay of Silent Hill: the player is often warned by the noise of the appearance of enemies that are not visually detectable. Along with a flashlight, the protagonist has a portable radio that warns Harry of the appearance of creatures, emitting signals when they are close.

To pass through a city, Harry must locate and pick up maps, many of which are look like an average tourist map. Maps are available to read from the menu when Harry is in enough lighted place. You can find marks of interesting places on the map, which will help during the game. Passing through a Silent Hill often requires finding keys or solving puzzles. Also, Harry, along his way, will constantly face bosses in each territory and defend himself with a set of weapons, both contact, and firearms.

Silent Hill is a really interesting and scary game, which can be truly determined as a worthy representative of the survival horror genre. If you like horror games with puzzles and mysteries, the feeling that something approaching you from somewhere out of dense fog or solid darkness sounds of scary moaning or incomprehensible mumbling, you should like it!

Silent Hill FAQ:

Q: How many parts of Silent Hill are existing?

A: There is 4 parts: Silent Hill 1, Silent Hill 2 (download from Amazon), Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 4: The Room - PlayStation 2 (Amazon)

Q: The Silent Hills Mobile - is it real?

A: Well, you can download this on Adroid, but it developed by K.Z Software and not by Konami. It has only 5,000 dowloads on Google play and bad reviews. Silent Hill for Android: click here.