Best Idle Games

Other names: Incremental or clicker games

It's a genre that requires the player to repeatedly perform simple actions (such as clicking) to get the reward coins. The more you click, the more productive and rewarding your clicks are. Although, the reason why the games of this genre are commonly referred to as “idle” is that clicking might become unnecessary later on as the game continues playing itself without the player. 

Idle games came into fashion in 2013 and earned a fair spot alongside the other genres thanks to their ability to provide the player with an easy way to relax and distract from daily routines. Even if you only have a few spare minutes to play every day, you can still enjoy the gameplay and make your progress. No need to spend much time thinking about how to solve puzzles and deal with challenges. Just click to play. 

Types of Idle games 

Idle RPG (Role-playing games) 

Playing idle RPG is like playing a casual version of a role-playing game. It simply means that with even a few minutes to play daily, you can still make your character stronger and progress through the gameplay. The battles will continue even if you are offline. You can collect all the gear you want, and there’s no need to wander around searching for it. 

Idle porn games

Porn clicker games are quite simple: click on the girl to get her to be naked and watch her rotate on your screen. You can also get to smack her boobies and see her enjoying it. You’ll look at boobies of all shapes and sizes and girls with beautiful bodies of goddesses. What’s more here to say? Idle porn games also have a background story, satisfying graphics and challenge you to earn your right to see the most beautiful ladies! 

Roblox idle games

Roblox is an online platform that allows users to design games themselves or play games designed by other users. Roblox hosts many kinds of games, developed on the website and by the platform users. The games are free-to-play, although the graphics are quite simple as the platform is especially popular among kids. Some most played idle games on Roblox include Roblox Cookie Clicker, Clicker Adventures, Case Clicker, etc. 

Merge idle games

Merge idle games are a comparatively new genre of incremental games. They do not require the player to repeatedly click the button to progress through the gameplay. Instead, you’ll have to drag duplicate objects to increase their level. Your main goal is to keep on generating pieces, such as, for instance, house blocks, to make better buildings and get a higher reward. If you wanna try playing a merge game, check out the “Merge Dragons” or “Merge Towns” - these are pretty famous! 

Idle building games

Do you like construction and project management? With idle building games, you can create your own empires, starting from small houses up to the most famous buildings in the world! Games of this kind let you hire workers to speed up the construction process, although you’ll need to work on the design and stock materials. After the building is complete, you can lease it and earn some extra cash! 

Most popular idle games

Cookie clicker

Well, everything started with Cookie Clicker. Click on a cookie to get a cookie reward. Bake cookies, grow cookies, hire grandmas to make cookies for you, increase your clicks efficiency to earn more cookies, and do whatever it takes to surround yourself with cookies. Make it a cookie heaven. Cookie clicker can be played in the browser or downloaded to iPhone and Android devices. 

Idle Heroes 

If you are a lover of RPGs but just have no time to play them on your Xbox\PlayStation - Idle Heroes is a good choice! It’s a kind of RPG where the battles take care of itself. Your main purpose through the game is not to participate in dozens of combats to level up - it’s to manage the characters before they enter the campaign and then just watch them making progress on their own. You’ll have to think about what armor to get, how to spend your funds wisely, and how to build a strong heroes team. It’s all about strategy and making wise decisions! Idle Heroes is available on iPhone and Android devices. 

Clicker Heroes

Madly tap a monster. Tap the monster until it’s dead. Recruit others to tap monsters for you. Collect the gold dropped by defeated monsters and use it to level up your warriors. As you see, it’s like getting cookies except it’s actually killing hostile creatures. It’s catchy, it’s fun and it’s free! You can play Clicker Heroes online, download it to your phone and it’s also available on Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. 


Forager is more like an open-world adventure with some idle game elements. It uses the same mechanics, although it requires much greater input from the player compared to a typical idle game. You’ll have to build up your base, hunt, dig, and fight your enemies. However, as your systems grow and become automated, the gameplay will require less and less of your attention: the crops will grow on its own, the drones will collect the fish, take care of the livestock, and let you just sit and relax. The game’s available on Windows, Linux, Nintendo, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 platforms. 


Build a garden and watch your crops grow. Start with simply catching a butterfly to get a coin. Catch some more and use the coins to plant your first carrots’ batch. Use the money you’ve earned from carrots to plants something else. Repeat until you have enough coins to get helpers to take care of the crops for you.  Watch your beautiful little garden grow and thrive, and make sure you got a dog to protect the farm from hungry monsters! The game is available on the Microsoft Windows platform. 

Idle games Reddit 

Check out the Reddit for a thorough list of idle games. It includes the game details, the developer information, and the link to download/play it.