Adventure Capitalist Guide

Pros & Cons of Adventure capitalist

  • Addicting game
  • Extremely rewarding
  • Too much money in the game ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Adventure capitalist is an idle (incremental) game, published by Hyper Hippo Productions in 2014

It is available on Android, iOS and Windows, Linux, and PlayStation 4 platforms. Although the game received a lot of mixed reviews, it's a quite popular choice among clicker games lovers.

Adventure capitalist Gameplay:

You start with a single lemonade stand. Pressing a lemon button will earn you a dollar. You can spend it on buying one more lemonade stand and double your income. The main task of the player is to collect money and use it up to acquire assets which, in turn, will bring more income. You tap on the small businesses situated here and there on the screen and make them produce and sell goods to generate money.

If you have read our article about Idle games, you probably already know that these kinds of games “play itself” and let the player just sit and watch the outcome. So, once you have enough funds to buy “managers” to do the clicking - you’re good to go and do other things without worrying about losing progress. You can even quit the browser - once you’re back, the game will recalculate how much you’ve earned while away. Anyways, soon after you start playing, income will skyrocket to quadrillions making it difficult to track, and you’ll have to start expanding your business to the Moon and Mars (no, this is not a joke!).

Adventure Capitalist is free-to-play although you can spend some extra bucks to unlock income multipliers. To get more information about the game, you can also visit the Adventure Capitalist Reddit page.

Adventure Capitalist FAQs:

Q: Adventure capitalist when to reset?

A: If you want to claim angel investors (they’re used to increase your profits), you have to reset first. Resetting will lead to the loss of all your progress, and if you want to get back on track as fast as possible - do not rush to reset and do it only when it earns you at least 50 angels.

Q: How to hack Adventure Capitalist?

A: A simple and effective way to speed up your progress in Adventure Capitalist is turning your device to an Airplane mode and changing the time to a few hours ahead. Once you turn your data back on, you can enjoy collecting a great amount of cash.

Q: What is Adventure Capitalist calculator?

A: Calculator helps you figure out when is the best time to reset and what upgrades to buy based on your current amount of businesses and cash. You can use this Adventure Capitalist calculator.

Q: What do megabucks do in adventure capitalist?

A: Megabucks is a kind of in-game currency and can be used to purchase MegaTickets (boosts your investments by x7.77 permanently) and Platinum Boosts.

Q: How to get gold in adventure capitalist?

A: Gold can be obtained by either doing a hard reset (eliminates all your progress) or by participating in various game events. Resetting will grant you 200 Gold, however it can only be earned once. You can also buy gold through in-game purchases.

Q: How to get angels in adventure capitalist?

A: You can get the angels once you reset the game.

Q: What do angel investors do in Adventure Capitalist?

A: Angel investors increase the game profit by 2% each. That means, once you have at least 50 angels, your profit will double.

Q: How to claim event rewards in Adventure Capitalist?

A: If you haven’t received the reward after the event finished, you can contact Hyper Hippo Production support through the email: adventurecapitalist@hyperhippo.ca

Q: How to get money fast in Adventure Capitalist?

A: The best way to get more money is to sacrifice some angels to buy new upgrades. Although, make sure you don’t spend too many angels on that.