Incremental game from a developer called MINMAXIA and launched in 2015. However, this is pretty addictive game, if you’re a fun of Idle and old style RPG games, then it’s the right choice. It’s absolutely Free-to-Play game available for PC and Mobile (Android).

I’ve spent a hew hours and even didn’t realize how fast time has been passed. From the beginning, you choose 3-4 Heroes and go to kill monsters. When monsters die, you get gold and various loot. You don’t have to control or move your heroes, they' will move by themselves on the map and killing monsters.

What you really can do in the game:
1) Choose their skills and decide which one you would like to pump: Attack, Defense, Boost, Damage, etc.
2) Open chests, so your Heroes can claim loot, gold & scrolls.
3) Follow your Heroes, because they move on the map, without your help.
4) You can leave a game and do other stuff, if you need. Your Heroes will continue killing monsters and claiming loots. So after a while, you can open the game and upgrade their skills and claim loots.

FAQ & Tips:

a) Don’t ignore Skills Tree. You should update it, which increases the characteristics of your Hero.
b) When you choose a hero, I would suggest to choose: a Fighter - you need a tank; Ranger - Ranged attack is a very helpful skill and Pyromancer - this hero uses Fire Magic, it’s a very need skill to kill mosnters more effectively.
c) If you still need more information about how to play the game, then open their Basic Questions on CLICKPOCALYPSE 2 Reddit