Cookie clicker - best clicker game

Pros & Cons of Cookie clicker

  • Very addictive game
  • Free to play game
  • Mobile version has too many ads

Cookie clicker is an idle (i.e. clicker) free to play game, published by Orteil, a French game developer, in 2013.

It is available in the browser and can also be downloaded from the Google Play store. It should be mentioned that the browser version is way more sophisticated and popular, with 1.5 million people visiting the website monthly.

Gameplay: How to play Cookie clicker

Once you start the game, all you’ll see on the screen is a single cookie and a cursor. So, you click it and get one cookie. Then you click again and get one more. Once you have enough cookies, you buy a cursor, and it starts clicking on the cookie for you. Although the cursor is slow, it will help you collect enough cookies to buy your first grandma. Obviously, grandmas bake cookies. Everyone knows that. The thing that some people might not be aware of, is the Grandmas ability to produce a cookie every second. Anyways, every purchase you make will allow you to get a larger number of cookies per second, and, after a while, you’ll start buying factories and upgrades that will bring you cookies even without your active participation.

The best part of the game - the process never stops. Whether you are there or not, the grandmas, mines, and farms keep on producing cookies for you. You can get back to it any time without losing your progress. The player can also use such things as heavenly chips, sugar lumps, and wrinkles to boost cookie production and collect the cookie clicker achievement badges (there’s more than 400 of them, and you can get one by achieving different goals).

The cherry on the cookie, apart from the main gameplay, you can engage in various events to unlock special upgrades and achievements. The newest event, introduced in the game, is the Cookie Clicker Easter Season.

Cookie Clicker Pantheon

Pantheon is a minigame that can be unlocked by upgrading your temples to level 1 (you’ll need to spend a sugar lump on that). There’re 11 spirit with different abilities, and your task is to pick and combine 3 out of them to achieve a certain positive effect on your game (such as boosting your cookie production, making milk more powerful, or paying a lower price for buildings).

Cookie Clicker add-ons

Cookie Clicker has several java-script add-ons that are really helpful if you are trying to build up an efficient game strategy. For instance, such add-ons as Cookie Monster, Frozen Cookie will calculate what you should purchase and when, while Agronomicon and Cookie Garden Helper will automate the processes in your garden and take care of the statistics. If you are having difficulties trying to figure out when to ascend, the Heavenly Calculator will count the amount of Heavenly Chips you can get.

Cookie Clicker Ascension

A huge number of achievements are associated with ascension and, if your goal is to collect all the achievement badges, ascending tough the game is essential. The ascension button, i.e. the Legacy, can be found right undo the info button over the top of your screen. Ascending allows you to earn Heavenly Chips and Prestige Levels. Heavenly Chips can be used to purchase Heavenly Upgrades, which, in turn, provide various benefits through the game. The Prestige level will depend on the number of cookies you baked and will boost your CpS (cookie per second rate) by +1%. You can make sure if it’s time to ascend by checking the number beside the Legacy button to see how many Heavenly Chips you’ll earn with ascension.


Q: What’s cookie clicker sugar lumps?

A: Sugar lumps are a kind of in-game currency that can be unlocked once you’ve baked one billion cookies. It‘s used to level-up buildings which, in turn, will allow you to unlock several minigames.

Q: Cookie clicker, when to ascend?

A: Ascend after you’ve got 440 heavenly chips.

Q: How to get demon grandma in cookie clicker?

A: To get a demon grandma or i.e. start a Grandmapocalypse, you must have at least 7 grandmas and 7 grandma types (like temple grandma, farm grandma, etc.). Once you have it, you can get an upgrade called “One Mind” which starts the Grandmapocalypse.

Q: How to restart Cookie Clicker?

A: To restart\reset your Cookie Clicker, click the Legacy button on the top of your screen. If you baked enough cookies, you’ll get Heavenly Chips and Prestige Levels.

Q: How to make your grandma's evil Cookie Clicker?

A: To make your Grandmas evil, start the Grandmapocalypse by unlocking the “One Mind” upgrade.

Q: How to get milk in Cookie Clicker?

A: You can get the milk by unlocking regular Achievements. As your number of Achievements increases, milk will change its flavor.

Q: What is wrinkler in Cookie Clicker?

A: Wrinkle is a leech-like organism that can provide a boost to your cookies production, although you might not think so when they appear for the first time. Wrinkles come out during the Grandmapocalypse and start feeding on the big cookie. Each wrinkle decreases cookie production by 5%, and the maximum number of wrinkles at a time can reach 12 (which reduces the cookie per second rate by 60%). However, once the wrinkles are popped, all the eaten cookies will be returned with an interest rate, so, eventually, you’ll get more than you lost. Exploding the wrinkle might also unlock seasonal upgrades.

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