Creature Card Idle

Pros & Cons of Creature Card Idle

  • Card Idle game
  • You have to think to earn more gold
  • Free to play on Kongregate
  • No mobile version
  • Not free on Steam ($1.99)

Creature Card Idle - is an idle game developed from Fordesoft and released on Decemeber 2019.

I would say it’s one of the most relaxed and slow idle game. I have spent 4 weeks playing this game. It’s so different from clicker idle games you’ve got use to play.

How Gameplay looks like in Creature Card Idle

The gameplay is super simple. You buy cards and place them on slots. That’s how you start to earn gold. The most interesting thing comes here: different combinations of cards on slots give you different amount of gold. More cards you buy -> more combinations you will have → more options to combine cards → more gold you earn. It opens new opportunities, levels, cards, upgrades.

And this game is totally for free, can be played on Steam or on Kongregate (browser game).

The best combinations of cards in the Intro Realm:

It gives production: +320/sec

Idle card game

The best combinations of cards in the Haunted Woods (in case if you want to get more Metal): Metal + 547/sec and Wood +224 sec. The most optimized combination.

cards haunted woods