Crusaders of the lost idols - PC clicker game

Pros & Cons of Crusaders of the lost idols

  • Free to play game
  • Available for PC
  • No Android and iOS versions

Crusaders of the lost idols is a truly RPG clicker game, where you buy heroes, upgrade them and fight with monsters. Kill monsters and earn gold. Gold opens more heroes, levels, boosts, etc.

Crusaders of the lost idols was released by Codename Entertainment Inc. in 2015. Since then the game has built a big community of clicker game lovers. 13,000 followers in Facebook (Crusaders FB), 9,500 followers in Twitter (Crusaders Twitter) and 9k followers on Reddit (Crusaders Twitter).

Secrets and strategy of Crusaders of the Lost Idols:

Q: What is the best Heroes formation?
A: Add a main hero in the center and surrond him by other heroes. It will increase damage significantly.

Q: What Talant Calculator would you suggest?
A: Check this spreadsheet to see how to calculate talants: Crusaders Talant Calculator.