Pros & Cons of Forager

  • Great graphic
  • Available for mobile and PC
  • Not for free, about $19.99

Forager is an open-world adventure game, designed by an Argentinian developer HopFrog and published by Humble Bundle in 2019.

This game is available on Microsoft, Linux, iOs, Android platforms, as well as on PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Forager Gameplay 

Forager is bursting with puzzles to solve and the lands to explore. Players find all kinds of activities there: you can fight enemies, farm, build factories and sell things. As you buy lands, the exploration area gets bigger and bigger, giving you more resources and boosting your progress. You can also take part in different quests to get unique skills! 

Sounds fascinating, doesn't it? But do not rush to play it yet, and check our list of game FAQs first! (we promise, it will make you progress through the game way faster). 

How to sell items? 

As you’ll need some game-in currency to progress through the levels, learning how to sell items is a must. Fortunately, this task is relatively easy: all you need to do is obtain the Commerce Skill in the Forager skill tree. Fighting enemies will eventually grant you some points to use, and you can spend them on any marketing skills you want. Some of them will make the process run automatically, while others will require you to build and sell the items yourself. 

How to get poop? 

That might sound like a strange thing to do, but poop is just what you need for completing Foxmage’s Urgent Request (it's a part of Winter Biome). Acquiring no less than 500 poops might be a challenging task and, to make it doable, you need to follow some easy steps: watch the cows and chickens drop some poops (and they will definitely do so) and pick them up. Next, go to the windmill and buy animal feed. You will need two poops for that. Give the feed to the cows and it will make them produce more poops. Repeat until you get enough. 

How to heal?

When it comes to survival in Forager, the first thing to remember: do not ignore your health indicator (located in the top left corner of the screen). If your health bar goes low, it will consume one of the available hearts and refill the energy by 25%. You can imagine what happens once all the hearts are consumed... To avoid that, do not forget to heal before losing all the hearts. And the best way to do so is to eat cooked food. Meat and fish work best! 

How to get bones in Forager?

If you’re looking to upgrade your pickaxe or any other gear, you need to get some bones. Those can only be acquired by killing a skeleton. So, where to find one? The skeletons have to be dug out, obviously! That, although, does not mean you need to start digging right where you are. Unless you’re standing on a graveyard, of course. To spot a graveyard you’ll need to unlock the Graveyard Biome first. Once you do so, the rest is a piece of cake! Get the skeleton out, kill it, and, voila, be rewarded with a bone or two! 

How to farm?

Use the windmill to get the seeds. Make a hole with the shovel and plant the seed. Water occasionally. Done! 

How to get oil?

Although you won’t need oil at the beginning, it will be one of the most important resources once you get to the later stages of the game. To acquire this valuable product, you should follow no more than three easy steps. First, you’ll need to unlock drilling skills and find a spot to build an Offshore Drill. Second, you’ll want to store as many plastic bottles as possible to collect the oil. Finally, as soon as you’ve achieved these two goals, you can start harvesting all the oil you need. 


How to solve the Ancient galaxy puzzle?

To solve the puzzle, recreate a pattern from the tower's top using the batteries and the electric blocks.  Empty spaces are the batteries that you’ll need to turn on. Use the pickaxe to move the electric blocks towards the batteries until you get the right pattern. 


What are the drones for? 

If you’ve only started playing Forager, then there is no need to think about droids yet. Although, just so you know, droids are very useful in the late game. As the gameplay gets more complicated and intense, you might simply not have enough time to do the basics like picking up items, and this is where the droids come in handy! They will also attack the enemies and mine resources.