Idle Breakout

Pros & Cons of Idle Breakout

  • Free to play
  • Android & Web versions
  • Can be downloaded on Windows
  • No iOS version

Ever heard of a game called “Breakout”? If you were born any time between the 1950s and 2000s, you’ve most likely had a chance to play this masterpiece! The idea is quite simple: use a ball to destroy the layers of bricks located at the top of the screen and make sure the ball does not touch the bottom. Does it ring the bell? It definitely should by now! Anyway, as your memory of the old good Breakout is refreshed, time to talk about the IDLE version of it. It was created by Kodiqi, an idle games’ developer, and first published in 2019.

The idea of the game

Idle, or, i.e. incremental games, are the ones that do not require the player to be constantly sitting in front of the screen. If you want to take a break and grab a cup of coffee or walk your dog - idle games will happily keep on running. The Idle Breakout works on the same principle - the balls will continue destroying the bricks even if you’re not beside. That’s not the only difference though. Unlike the original game, the IDLE version has quite a few kinds of balls with a different level of damage ability. You start off with basic ones and upgrade them throughout the game. Acquiring balls will allow you to unlock power-ups and progress through the levels.

The Idle Breakout strategy

To earn your first points, you can destroy the blocks by clicking on them. Use the points to buy the upgrades. Each upgrade will come off with a higher price than the previous one. You can choose between upgrading the balls or buying power-ups that will last for a set amount of time.

What are the Idle Breakout bosses?

The bosses are strong bricks that are really hard to destroy, so before trying to defeat many of them, make sure you’re strong enough. You can spend the skill points to disable some of their abilities.

Where to play Idle Breakout?

Play it on the Kongregate website. You can also find Idle Breakout on Coolmath Games or download it on Google Play.

That's it! Don't miss a chance to play other idle games, and soon you'll realize it's more addictive than it seems! If you are craving for more information, visit the Idle Breakout WIki on Fandom. Have fun!