NGU Idle

Pros & Cons of NGU Idle

  • Free game
  • Available for PC/WEB
  • No mobile version

NGU Idle is an incremental game developed and published by a developer named 4G. It’s probably not like any other game you’ve played before.

NGU gameplay

The only way you’ll be able to see the actions is by using your imagination. To start off there’s a really weird story of you waking up in a sewage. You have no clue how you end up there. Your legs are shaky, and the head is foggy. You need to regain your strength first.

The game is all about numbers. Click the buttons and increase yours to progress through. The two skills that play a main role are the attack and defense. The players start from basic training and then ascend to the higher levels, gaining experience and skills. The basic training teaches you to allocate the energy to the attack and defense. You want them to get the same amount of it. Right after you’ve got enough, you can go on to the next session: “Fight bosses” and start the battle. Once more, engage your imagination. See yourself using all your strengths to fight a small piece of fluff - your first opponent.

Remember that all you need to kill the bosses is, again, energy. If your stats are way higher than the bosses’, you can skip those and move to the next one. Defeating some of them will unlock new features of the game (like opening up the inventory and various adventures) and bring you EXP that is a kind of in-game currency. You can spend EXP on permanent upgrades.

If you are into weird humor and unusual gameplay, NGU Idle is a worth time experience. It is available to play in the browser. If you’re craving more information, the NGU Idle Wiki website has a complete beginner guide available. Have fun!