Plantera - browser clicker game

Pros & Cons of Plantera

  • Free to play game
  • Available for PC & Mobile
  • Relaxing idle game
  • Can’t be downloaded from Play Store
  • More updates available only on mobile

Plantera is a casual idle game. Made and released by Varagtp studios in 2017.

Plantera is strategy style clicker game. You build plants, make your garden bigger and earn gold. So it’s not about to collect as much gold as possible, but to build a huge garden with plants and animals.

It’s the best choice, if you want to try relax and easy clicker game!

Plantera FAQ:
Q: What is the best strategy to play Plantera?
A: First thing, build 5 Carrots, when you get more gold. Remove carrots and build Turnip instead of them. Because at the beginning, your land is small and you can expand later.
Second thing, by growing you will have collect more Starts and golds. More gold will open new items, like animals, plants. So what you can do, is to remove some plants which give you very little gold and buy those which give more gold, because your land is still limited and you can’t add as much plants as you want.
Third thing, you gotta protect your garden from bugs, foxs, birds, wolves, even moles, etc. It’s fun to hit them to protect your land.
Fourth thing, save your game progress, when you play!

Q: Where can I find APK of Plantera?
A: Currently, Plantera can’t be downloaded from Google Play Store, but you can download APK from: Apkpure Plantera, Apkfab Plantera.

Q: Can I play Plantera on iOS? How about Steem?
A: Of course, just download it from App store or open Steem. Check links under the pictures.

Q: Can I play Plantera online in Browser?
A: Definitely, there are at least 2 sites to play Platera for free: CrazyGames and Newgrounds.

Q: How to observe your own garden on PC?
A: It’s easy, just click A or D on the keyboard.

Take a cup of hot chocolate or a cold coffee and enjoy this relaxing fun idle game!