Reactor Idle

Pros & Cons of Reactor Idle

  • Free to play
  • No version for mobile

Reactor idle is a clicker game taking you onto a journey of buying and selling energy from various sources - starting from the wind power and eventually up to the nuclear plants. Although it falls into the incremental game genre (meaning that many things will get automated later on), it still requires some strategic thinking. So, make sure you’re taking it slow and enjoy the process! 


The gameplay 


The first time you get into the game, your only possession is a few pieces of land surrounded by water. You also have $1 in stock, which allows you to buy the first wind turbine and start producing power. Once the turbine makes enough, the power can be sold. You’ll probably wanna use the money earned that time to buy some more wind turbines and speed up the process a bit. Note that each of the turbines only lasts for 10 ticks and needs to be replaced after that ( when the turbine becomes transparent, it can no longer be used unless repurchased). 


Anyway, you must keep on building them until you have enough bucks for the first research center. The research centers generate points to buy new technologies. As you progress through the game, the technologies will become more complicated and, eventually, more expensive. For instance, even the solar cells, coming right after the wind turbines, can explode if you do not follow the installment instruction well. The main purpose of the game, as you should have already realized, is to earn as much money from the energy you sell as possible and use them to unlock new areas, buy lands, and develop technologies. To succeed, you really must think carefully about how to optimize whatever you’re building and upgrading. 

If you’re craving more information on how to get the most out of playing Reactor Idle, you can check out this Wikia for a detailed Reactor Idle guide. We also have answered some FAQs right below!  

What’s Reactor Idle city?  

City is one of the power plants that becomes available through the upgrades. Other power plants are: island, village, region, single heat cell, metropolis, four heat cell, mainland, eight heat cell, and, at last, continent.  


Reactor Idle Metropolis  

Metropolis, just like the City, is the power plant that can be bought through the game.  


Reactor Idle Research Tree 

The research tree is a tab that has all the information about the order in which the upgrades can be purchased as well as their price. 


Reactor Idle nuclear cell 

If you ever heard of nuclear energy, you should be familiar with the fact that nuclear power is capable of producing a way bigger amount of energy than any other source. Same thing here: the nuclear cell’s output will be much higher than anything you’ve built before. It will also allow you to upgrade the research center’s office. But don’t forget to cool the nuclear cell off with the water pumps unless you wish to see a mini Chernoybul explosion on the map.