Realm Grinder - one of the best RPG Idle game

Pros & Cons of Realm Grinder

  • Very addictive game
  • Free to play game
  • So many new game mechanics
  • The gameplay doesn’t base only on clicking, but on your thinker as well
  • In-game Purchases: when you buy purchases, it doesn’t help a lot in the game

What Is Realm Grinder?

Realm Grinder is a free incremental idling game by Divine Games. It can be played on Kongregate, Steam, Armorgames and mobile phones.

In Realm Grinder, you take on the role of either a good or evil king – and manage your kingdom. The game can go on forever – or you can soft reset your progress at any time and go for a different playstyle.

The dev team can be contacted for support or just to chat on Facebook, Discord, and Steam.

Realm Grinder: When Should I Abdicate?

When abdicating, you get to cash in all your coins, allowing you to increase production later on. Do this after you’ve upgraded your gems and foresee no real chance of boosting production any time soon.

Realm Grinder: When Should I Reincarnate?

Reincarnate if you’d like to reset your excavation progress, your gem count, and your stats. Note that you will keep your trophies and receive perks from doing this – but it’s costly.

How Do I get Rubies? You can either dig rubies up while excavating, receive them during special events, or buy them in the in-game store.

Realm Grinder: What Should I Spend Rubies On?

Use your rubies to boost the production of all buildings by 100% with the Ruby Power upgrade, buy Premium Upgrades in the shop, get special event resources, to reset your ruby powers, or to reset your excavation counter. Note that you will not find any more rubies when excavating.

How Do I Unlock The Drow Faction?

To unlock the Drow faction, you will need to choose an evil faction to play as, gather 325 trophies or more, have 650 or more dark temples, and cast over 10,000 spells within 1 run – Reincarnation will not reset your progress. You will then be able to buy the faction.

How Do I Unlock The Faceless Faction?

In order to unlock the Faceless Faction, you will have to collect the following upgrades: Bone Fragment 1, Bone Fragment 2, Octopus Shaped Spine, and 246 DVG coins. Once you do that, make sure you’ve been playing for 36 hours or more in which you have done at least 30 excavations. Now buy the Proof of Neutrality document and the Faceless Trade Treaty and become one of the Faceless.

To sum it up, Realm Grinder is a fun idling game that can be replayed as many times as you want since the game doesn’t lock you into a specific playstyle. If you like retro graphics and games that involve laid-back play styles, give it a shot!