Sakura Clicker - adult clicker game

Pros & Cons of Sakura clicker

  • Free to play game
  • Available on Steam
  • Anime clicker game
  • Adult clicker game

Anime clicker game, where you have to click on cute chans.

It’s so hard to call this game “idle porno game” or “hentai game”. I would call it: half nude easy hentai style clicker game. Click on beauty chans and get enjoy it. You have to click hard to earn more chans.

It’s fun to spend an hour on this clicker game, but it can be tiresome to play this for a long.

Download it from Steam for free, however, the content for this game costs less than a dollar.

They do have a subreddit, but it's a very small community, something like about 90 members: Sacura clicker reddit.