Time Clickers

Pros & Cons of Time Clickers

  • Free to play game
  • Available for PC & Android
  • Chatroom is available
  • Hard to say the cons of this game ;)

Time Clickers is a idle clicker game for PC and mobile. Pretty fun and crazy game. Why Crazy? Because you have to shoot blocks. Yes! Blocks. You will see, when you play.

Most popular questions about Time Clickers:
Q: What is the strategy to play Time clickers?
A: The best time clicker strategy is a) Always SAVE your progress. If you’re playing on official developer site, you need an account to save your progress. b) shoot blocks as fast as you can. Just try not to broke your keyboard.

Q: How to cheat in Time Clickers?
A: Oh, you little dirty gamer! ;) Do you like to cheat? I don’t suggest, but you can try to use Cheat Engine program to increase speed and get boots way way faster.

Q: Where to get Cheat Engine?
A: Hehehe :) Do you still want to cheat? Fine. Do it on your own responsibility. Here is the link for MacOS: Cheat Engine for MacOS. Here is the link: Cheat Engine for Windows.

Q: How to launch Cheat Engine and start playing?
A: just download the file, open it and you will see the guide. Check it carefully.

One more time, cheating is not a good thing. I don’t sugges to do it. Good luck! :)