Crossout is an online multiplayer video game of the vehicular combat genre.

It was published by Gaijin Entertainment in 2017 and can be played on such platforms as Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Android, and PlayStation 4. The players engage in team-based combat while operating customized vehicles. However, unlike other games of this genre, Crossout lets the players build their own machines. The idea is quite similar to the famous movie - the Mad Max, and it becomes even more obvious once you engage in it and realize that you are in a post-apocalyptic world full of sands and scraps.

The gameplay of Crossout
Everything starts with building your own fighting vehicle. Two parts are mandatory to install - the cabin and the frame. After installing those, you can construct any kind of vehicle you want - everything is limited only to the imagination. There are lots of options when it comes to crafting: you can choose from the various kinds of components such as weapons, frames, wheels, and decorations. Once build, vehicles can be upgraded through trade or combat. The players can exchange or sell any parts they obtained through the missions unless they wanna use it for their own vehicle.

Players can buy coins in Crossout store. 1 coin equals to 0.02 euro cents. By having coins you can buy any details you want to improve your machine, but do it wisely. First learn how machine parts, weapons, resources, structure, rare items, etc.

After entering the game and building your car, you’ll find yourself in the faction called “Engineers”. This is the starting faction and all the players belong to it until they get to level 10. Once reaching that level, you will be able to choose between three groups: Nomads, Lunatics, and Scavengers. Each group has it’s own style in terms of the gameplay: depending on which faction you pick, the cars might also have differences. As you make progress in the game, new weapons and other equipment become available.

The game engine is quite sophisticated - the machines act just like in real life. The bigger and heavier is the vehicle - the slower you’ll move. If any of the parts get damaged, driving will instantly get harder. While building, you must think about how to place the parts well, otherwise, you might find yourself rolling over the sand. Cause you know, physics rules.

Well, that’s basically it! Needless to say, Crossout is a good example of a vehicular combat kind of game. If you ever enjoyed playing War Thunder, Twisted Metal, or the “father” of Crossout - Hard Truck: Apocalypse/Ex Machina - you might also find Crossout fun! In case if you’ve never played any of those - Crossout is a good start!