War Thunder

War Thunder is a free-to-play vehicular game developed by Gaijin Entertainment. It was officially released at the end of 2016 (although the beta version was out in 2013) and is currently available for such platforms as PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, Linux, and Nvidia Shield. The game has earned two Guinness World records - one for the biggest number of planes in a simulation game and one for the biggest number of players simultaneously on one flight’s simulation server.

Getting started with War Thunder

Getting started is quite easy - just go to the website, create an account, and then download and install the game. Right after that, choose a type of vehicle you wanna use - plane or tank. Then, pick a country: US, Germany, USSR, Britain, Japan, Italy, China, Sweden, or France are ready to provide their military forces for your entertainment. Done choosing? Read a short tutorial and get engaged!
Note, that every country’s vehicles are not the same and have different features. It is important to take some time and study your machine’s key characteristics before entering the battle. Knowing your tank’s or plane’s battling abilities well will certainly help you to last in the battle longer. New kinds of vehicles get released constantly, enabling the player to choose from more than 1500 options. The War of Thunder covers WWII and Cold War period so the machinery is mostly from that time. As claimed by the producer, the appearance and characteristics of the vehicles are accurate and fully represent the original ones.

The game has several modes to choose from, each with a different level of difficulty:

Arcade - suitable for beginners as it helps the player to become familiar with the mechanics of the game. The players are divided into 2 teams with a total number of 16 people on each side. The gameplay is simplified; for instance, the leading marker will help the players to determine whether the opposite side vehicle is in the shooting range.

Realistic battles
Realistic battles are designed for more experienced players. The physics and the damage modeling are much more realistic than in the Arcade mode. The gameplay is aimed to reflect the real battles of the past, so the teams can only have the machinery from specific nations that actually participated in the battle.

Simulator battles
Stimulator battle is a kind of a Realistic Battle but a way more strict one. There’re no markers to indicate whether the tank or ship is coming from a friendly team or not, so players must pay close attention to who do they shoot.

Events and Tournaments
Events are custom missions, based on one of the three main game modes. The settings, however, might vary a lot from the original ones and might include restrictions on the available vehicles’ selection. Event modes often recreate historical battles, allowing the player to have a more challenging experience. This mode also includes the use of battleships.

Overall, the War of Thunder is a greatly sophisticated game with, possibly, the biggest number of vehicles available for the game of vehicular combat genre. If you want to enjoy recreating the real battles and love the detailed and good quality visual - you’ll surely like it.