Puzzle Games

Pick your favorite online puzzle game!

What is on your mind when you hear of puzzle games? Perhaps, most people think of those where you need to put the pieces in the right order to get a picture in the end. However, the truth is, puzzle-solving is such a broad genre that it is hard to access all the variations of it. Puzzles have been known for a really long time and they come out in many forms - from ancient riddle to relatively new genre of Puzzle video games.

Even though the genre started getting attention only in the 1980s, in 40 years it has managed to develop so much that it’s nearly impossible to meet anyone who’s never played any of puzzle games. From a well-known Tetris to extremely sophisticated Myst - even the picky players can find something to enjoy here.

A funny thing is that the puzzles and video games were tied even before the video games existed. The first “computers” such as Nimatron (1939) or Nimrod (1951) entertained the public with implementing puzzle games (such as nim or tic-tac-toe). Machines that were able to operate games, seemed way more fun than those capable of doing boring calculations.

While action/shooter/adventure games might have some puzzle elements, the games of solely puzzle genre focus specifically on solving the tasks with the use of logic. Puzzle video games could be divided into many groups depending on the skills needed to complete the game. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common subgenres:

Tile-matching games

It all started with tile-matching! Even though it might seem pretty simple - the player has to match tiles to make them disappear - the genre is extremely popular even 36 years after the most famous tile-matching Tetris game was born.
If you already enjoy Tetris, you could also try such popular puzzle video games like Zuma, Lumines, or 2048.

Hidden Objects

As it’s quite obvious from the genre’s name, the player has to find objects hidden inside the picture to move further in the game.
A good example of this genre is Mystery Case Files game series and Fantastic Beasts: Cases.

Physics games

The player has to follow the game’s physics to make progress through the gameplay.
Have you ever played Angry Birds? If you did, there is no need to explain how does this genre work.
Apart from Angry birds, other famous projects are The Witness, Portal 2, or World of Goo.

Programming games

This type of Puzzle games requires some knowledge of coding. For example, production of chemical molecules by operating remote manipulators with the use of a programming language (like in SpaceChem) or enhancement of software engineering skills (like Codehunt, a game developed by Microsoft)


Experiencing and observing the surroundings is the way to succeed in the game of this genre. Players will have to experiment with the environment and search for ways to complete the level.
Some of the defining games of this subgenre are Myst and The Room.


Traditional thinking games

Last but not least are traditional puzzle games. People were playing them for years before the first computers existed. These include well-known Solitaire and Majong, Labyrinth Maze games, and many others. They can be easily found in the App\GooglePlay stores, played online, or downloaded to the computer.

As you can see, the puzzle genre is very diverse and it doesn't seem like it’s gonna stop developing any time soon. It can be challenging to play these kinds of games sometimes as they require some thinking but it feels totally worth it once you win!