The Room - the main aim is to open the box

Pros & Cons of The Room

  • Very mysterious gameplay
  • Hard puzzles
  • Great visual part
  • We didn’t find negative moments 😆

The Room is a puzzle video game published by a British developer Fireproof Games.

It was originally developed for iOS devices but later became available on Android, Windows, and Nintendo Switch platforms. The Room is considered to be one of the best pure puzzle games and has received a lot of positive feedback. It was first published in 2012 and then followed by several sequels: The Room Two, The Room Three, The Room: Old Sins.

The Room gameplay:

The player finds himself in a darkened empty room. The only objects that can be found there are a lamp, a table, and a box, sitting on it. The way to complete the game is to unlock every tiny secret of this box and solve the series of puzzles hidden inside of it. Solving the puzzle often means finding the correct sequence or fitting the right pieces together.

Once you open the first box, you’ll see another one inside. That means you’ve completed Chapter 1 and can move to Chapter 2. After Chapter 2 is done, you’ll move to Chapter 3, and so on. Every level is more complicated and challenging than the previous one, so you need to pay close attention to all the clues provided.

Apart from the main gameplay, The Room also has an additional plot. The player will find mysterious notes, that are not directly related to solving the puzzles but talk about something called Null Element. This narrative attracts more and more attention throughout the series and is discovered deeper in the latest game.

The interface is greatly detailed, and the player can see the box from every angle by rotating the camera, zoom in or out, and manipulate objects. The hints are also available if you struggle with finding the clues on your own.

The Room Two follows the same idea, but instead of one room, you’ll travel through several locations. The Room Three’s action is taking place in the mansion located on the unknown island. Old Sins, unlike the previous versions of the game, does not limit the player by one room. Instead, it requires you to solve the interconnected puzzles, located in several locations around the house.

Overall, The Room is a great example of a puzzle game. It is surprising how the gameplay, developed in a single room, can be so engaging and sophisticated. If you’ve already tried it, you might also enjoy The Talos Principle or The Witness.