Shooting Games

Time to shoot enemies. Where is your weapon?

What do we like about shooter games?

You are involved in the whole new world of the game with large, deadly guns when interacting with its incredible environment, with many puzzles and adventures. Dodge and cover from fire, while accurately aiming at enemies and learning other in-game physics factors. Add a competitive multiplayer aspect, and you can fight with your friends or random strangers on the Internet.

But what genre to choose to immerse yourself in this world and try on the role of the savior of the planet? Or maybe its destroyer?

First-person shooters

FPS games provide a view of what an actual person would see and do in the game, and to increase the level of realism, many games include the sounds of breathing and footsteps, to make you feel your character and in-game environment.
And, of course, one of the best games to show all the aspects and immersive gameplay of FPS games - Doom by id Software and Bethesda Softworks. Play as a Doom Slayer who battles Hell's minions on Mars. As a result, goat-legged skeleton men, flying burning skulls, and other monstrous hordes assault you from every side.

Third-person shooters

TPS games allow the player to observe more of the action that’s taking place directly in front of them. When you hide behind a crate or large object, for example, it allows you to angle the camera around that object and plan your next step more carefully. It's very nice when you can throw a grenade from behind a large box and watch the enemies flee in panic like ants.
One great example is Metal Gear Solid by Konami and Hideo Kojima himself, which is considered to be a stealth action game, where every step requires a sense of sound and rational thinking. Also, through the game, your hiding spots start to become less frequent and so planning, therefore, is important.

Hero shooters

Hero shooter is a competitive multiplayer shooter in which team play is more important than ever to get the result and enjoy the game. Each player in two teams gets the chance to take the role of a hero, whose unique skills and abilities, and an equally important incredible appearance, will help lead the team to the desired victory.
One of the most popular and strategically correct game in this genre is Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment. In Overwatch, you pick a hero based on who your team needs and who the situation calls for, which creates the type of rock-paper-scissors meta.

Tactical shooters

Tactical shooter games require a high level of aiming skill and teamwork, often simulating actual military conflicts.
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six by Red Storm Entertainment is a divine franchise in the tactical shooter realm, and its perseverance on conserving the most important components of the tactical shooter genre makes it great in all the ways.

Shoot 'Em up

Shoot 'em up game is basically when a player is tasked with defending themselves from a dreadful attack of enemy fire, and the enemies in these games are obsessed with destroying the player, that makes a player to move and fire fast. Space Invaders advanced the genre down its evolutionary path and brought video games to the mainstream and led in a video game golden age.

Shooting gallery

This subgenre includes light gun games, although many can also be played using the regular joystick and on-screen cursor to indicate where the bullets are headed, and, as a rule, they were played in the first person, while enemy fire occurring from anywhere on the screen damaging or killing the player.
A specific game in this subgenre named Cabal, in which the player controls an on-screen avatar that can run and jump around the screen in addition to being able to aim their gun.

Loot shooters

A loot shooter is a subgenre that mixes RPG elements with a point-and-click style shooting game. Instead of the attributes other RPG equipment might have, loot shooters randomize guns and the attributes associated with a firearm, like reload speed, recoil, and of course damage your gun does.

The biggest name in loot shooters is probably the Borderlands games, by Gearbox Software. They’re packed to the brim with silly dialogue and ridiculous plot points, so much so that you may even add comedy to its genre.

In the meantime, choose sub genre of the game and destroy your enemies. I gotta remind you about one simple thing - shooters are just a lot of fun!