Fortnite - play battle royale or save the world?

Pros & Cons of Fortnite

  • Free-to-play-game
  • Great animation
  • Available on PC, Mac, Xbox, iOS, Android & PS4
  • New weapon mode every week
  • No law of physics
  • Not easy to survive in Battle Royale mode
  • Items like: Skins, emotes, etc are not free
  • Hard to earn V-bucks

Updates 14/08:  Currently, Fortnite was removed from App Store and Play Market.

Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games. It’s a battle royale shooting game that first came out in 2017 and gained popularity. Currently, Fortnite is an over-hyped online video game. Fortnite's Twitter has 10.2 million followers, Fortnite's Instagram 23 million followers, Fortnite Reddit 1.2 million followers which tells how popular this game is. Every month 100 million people visiting site Epicgames.com to check the latest news, promotions and updates.

Generally, Fortnite has 2 main game modes and gameplay with different opportunities given to the player:

  • Fortnite: Save the World - Players vs zombies with up to 4 people in a team.
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale - Players vs players. Up to 100 people competing until there is only 1 left.

Other game modes:

  • Creative - Players with full freedom to create their own world. It’s the perfect place to improve your skills of building and looting stuff
  • Weapons mode - Fortnite offers various game modes with weapons like roket launcher, it means during playing Battle royale game players can use only roket launchers during fight. Many other weapon modes.

How to play the Fortnite: Battle Royale

Being aware that Fortnite is a first-person shooter game (FPS), you might expect that the main purpose is survive on the Island. The game mode begins with the fact that you jump from a bus flying over the island. A parachute opens and you choose where to land. As a player you will have 99 rivals fight against them in the game.
You need to loot items - weapons and materials - wood, bricks, steel, stone. Most of the things on the island can be destroyed to get materials to build walls, roofs, stairs, and floors. Whatever is built will be used to protect the player from the other fighters’ bullets. Build constructions as fast as possible to survive and eliminate other players on the island.

The Battle Royale is a free-to-play game that does not push its players to buy anything at all. However, players can use V-bucks (game currency) to buy additional stuff like skins, smiles, dances, special pickaxes and other things which don’t give advantages.

How to play the Fortnite: Save the world

Save the world mode is a co-op game (cooperative gameplay) in which you can either make a group of 4 or play solo. Players are required to defend various locations against zombie-like creatures. This mode is more about strategy as you have to spend quite much time building fortifications and traps.
The main difference between Battle Royale that Save the world has special items, traps and weapons + players fight against different creatures like a zombie + it’s not free mode. The access to this mode starts from $16.
Pay attention, Save the World is not available on iOS and Android devices.

How to play the Creative and Weapons modes

Creative mode allows players to build their own island and gameplay. Everything on the island can be manipulated and altered to fit your taste. There are no enemies, although you can invite your friends to enjoy mini-games or you can just keep on expanding the boundaries of imagination. It’s best place to improve your shooting skills and learn how to build in Fortnite.

Weapons mode is a mode with different weapons. For example, Shotgun mode is when all players on island play with shotguns only. Only the one type of weapon is available to play.

Fortnite is incredible popular game nowadays. It’s available for Windows, Xbox, Play Station, macOS, iOS and Android devices. Based on 2019 statistics, Fortnite has over 250 million registered players and this amount only increasing.


Q: What is #freefortnite? 
A: On August 13th, 2020 Epic has launched a direct payment way in Fortnite. App Store and Google Play have removed Fortnite game, new payment method was violating their policies. Epic has started flashmob #freefortnite in all social media.