PubG - battle royale game

Pros & Cons of Pubg

  • Game close to real fight
  • Pubg Lite is a free version
  • Large battle map
  • Full version of the game is not for free
  • Not easy to play on mobile screen

PubG is an online shooting video game, developed and released by PubG Corporation.

Along with Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’ Battlegrounds was crucial to establishing the battle royale genre the way it is now. Both games, released almost simultaneously, drew the attention of millions of players around the world. According to the latest data, PubG has more than 555 million registered users, that’s making it one of the most played battle royale games in the world. It was released for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, and iOS. PubG is not supported on MacOS.

PubG Gameplay
All of the battle royal games share a similar idea - a bunch of people (normally up to 100) land on the playground with a minimal amount of equipment and try to kill others while avoiding being killed. PubG’s gameplay is simple - rivals parachute onto an island, collect weapons, armors, grenades and anything that might protect a player. As a player, you engage in a battle until there is one last player or team left. You can enter the game solo or in a squad with up to four people. You can also choose to play either from the first-person or third-person perspective.

Players have a bit of a control of where to land, so after jumping off the plane, try to find a place with more buildings and less people around. As soon as you hit the ground, you need to start scavenging for weapons. It simply means: once landed, run as fast as you can and try to pick some useful armor such as helmets, vests, and, of course, guns. First aid kits, backpack, painkillers, and bandages are also helpful.

The play area is huge and there is a high possibility for the player to spend a long time without seeing anybody else. However, the available safe area of the game’s map will slowly decrease in size to make sure the surviving contestants have to engage in the battle. Everyone left outside of the safe area will eventually be eliminated unless he manages to reach the safe zone before his injuries are too big to heal.

In PubG everyone is looking forward to killing you and the key to survival is not an ability to play aggressively but an ability to move around the island without attracting too much attention. Try to be as quiet as possible and make sure you always pay attention to the sounds around you as it’s quite easy for other players to move without anyone seeing them. Take cover once you hear gunshots, cars engine, or footsteps.

Overall, PubG is considered to be the defining game of the battle royale genre and if you’ve never played this kind of game before, PubG is a great start! In case, if you’ve heard of Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone, you should already have an idea of how to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.