Simulation Games for all devices

Simulate your life or live in a Simulation game ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Have you played Sims? The game is so famous, it’s hard to find anyone who’s never heard of it. Anyway, if you have a basic idea, what Sims is all about, you could say you know what simulation game is. The main idea of stimulation video games is to take the things we do in real life and replicate them into video format. Sounds familiar? It definitely should!

It’s safe to say that if you’ve tried building communities, or play football online - you’ve basically tried an online simulation game. However, these aren’t solely combined under one tag of “simulator games” or “simulation games”. There’re a few subgenres:

Sport simulation

Games that simulate sports of any kind. These could include team sports, combat sports, or track and field kind of activities. One of the most famous examples of this subgenre is Out of the Park Baseball 21, it's a sport strategy game, where you need to lead your baseball team. This subgenre represents many online sport games like FIFA, NBA, NFL.

Real-world games simulators

These kinds of online games that simulate the real world online. As a user, you have to discover and explore a virtual world. Popular examples are Minecraft, Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain, Grand Theft Auto 5.

Construction games

Creating and managing various projects with limited resources availability - this is what the subgenre is all about. The player might be put in charge of a city, theme park, business, colony, government facility, or a factory. In this kind of game, the main goal is not fighting and defeating the enemy but growing and expanding a sustainable community. If you are a construction lover kinda guy, you can check out Anno or Tropico game series.

Life simulation

The game where the player has to control a virtual character. This could be any kind of a life form, starting from a pet and ending with a whole tribe of people. Some games also let the player manage a population of artificial creatures for several generations, crossbreed them, and, thus, create new species. The most famous and successful example of a life simulation game is, obviously, Sims. However, Spore or Stardew Valley is also good.

Vehicle simulation games

These include car racing games, vehicle combat, flight, train, ship, or spaceship simulators. The main idea is to give the player a solid experience of operating different kinds of machinery in a realistic environment. For instance, a popular game of vehicular genre “War of Thunder” tries to capture II Wolrd War events as close to reality as possible. While playing this game, you would have to follow the historical events as well as the laws of physics.

Some of the wargames and shooters

The war games that refer to real historic events and precisely follow the rules of physics also belong to this genre. This does not include games that feature alien invasion, fighting robots or monsters, and so on - it has to simulate realistic combat. In this kind of game, tactics play a more important role than the ability to react fast. If you enjoy winning the battles through a well-thought strategy, you can try Hearts of Iron or Strategic Command game series.

Medical simulation

Games that feature work in a hospital. The player either takes the role of a doctor treating the patient or has to manage the whole hospital: ensure that staff is in place, and the patients are constantly taken care of. One of the most popular games of this subgenre is Trauma Center (it’s only available on Nintendo though).

And there is definitely more to go! The genre is quite diverse and some games do not fall into any subgenre category, yet they can still be called simulation games. Just remember, most of the games refer to the real-life one way or another, so you might not know it but still be playing a simulation video game!