Poly Bridge is an educational simulation game

Pros & Cons of Poly Bridge

  • 4 levels of difficulty
  • Educational game
  • Fun physics
  • No Poly Bridge 3 ;)

Poly Bridge & Poly Bridge 2 reviews!

Poly Bridge is a simulation puzzle video game, published by Dry Cactus - a game developer from New-Zealand. It’s available on Microsoft Windows, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Android platforms.

The game’s simplicity and interesting design attracted a lot of puzzle lovers, which made Dry Cactus recently to come up with the sequel - Poly Bridge 2. It was released on May 28th, 2020, and has already earned a bunch of positive reviews.

Poly Bridge gameplay:

The main idea of Poly Bridge is to build a bridge to bring a vehicle across the river. Every structure you create has to meet two requirements: it needs to be built under the budget, and it has to be strong enough to hold different kinds of cars. The game is based on realistic physics, and you’ll definitely wanna consider it while building your bridges. if the vehicle is too heavy and the bridge is too weak, the game won’t let you pass the current level. At some points, you must really try to think like an engineer.

As you advance through the levels, you’ll also be faced with harder tasks: the distance between river banks will be bigger, the cars will get heavier and the size your bridges will have to comply with the river’s boat traffic. The materials are limited, so some planning is required to complete the level. If you wanna try creating your own bridges without restrictions, you can check out the “sandbox” mode.

At every level, you’ll see the vehicles and bridge machinery marked by different letters. The letter refers to the order in which the vehicle will pass through the bridge. While an “A” might be a car, “B” might be the hydraulic beam that’s used to move the draw bridge, and “C” might be the boat. You’ll have to create a bridge that would not break before those actions are all completed.

Overall, Poly Bridge is a greatly satisfying game and a truly challenging brain twister.
If you’ve already played it and would like to try something else to master your construction skills, you might also enjoy Bridge Constructor Portal, which is a part of the Bridge Construction series, published by Headup Games.