Best Strategy Games on all devices!

Pick one of the best strategy games in the world!

Did you know that strategy genre was invented by Bruce Lee, fter one of his training sessions in the fall of 1972 with the words “It would be such a good game”? Probably not, and most likely, it was a different genre.

However, the first game in the genre of strategy came into being in 1972, the creators of which were the developers of the American company Magnavox. The game was released for the Magnavox Odessey game console, and although it was not a game for the console or PC, it is rightfully considered the first full game in the strategy genre.

Since then, thousands of strategy games have been released. In 2021 players can enjoy strategy games with different subgenres.

TBS (turn-based strategy)

Turn-based strategy games allow us to think and plan our moves with the accuracy of our minds, create thousands of moves strategy, and enjoy achieving it.
The representative of this genre is Total War: Warhammer 2, which many consider one of the most important and exciting games in this genre.

RTS (real-time strategy)

Real-time strategy games allow everyone to live out the daydream of exploring unexplored and far worlds, building extensive bases, and commanding massive armies in a variety of unprecedented ways.
To find out how impressive and monumental these games are, it would be enough Warcraft 3 or StarCraft 2, and you understand that you will find a fascinating adventure.

4X strategy games

4X games include both turn-based and real-time strategy where each player takes control of a unique civilization or race with individual features and has to build an empire.
An example and real success in this genre can be considered the Civilization series.

RTT (real-time tactics)

Real-time tactics games concentrate on tactical and operational phases of combat, such as unit formations or the exploitation of ground for tactical advantage.
Rome: Total War is one of the best games of this genre for its impressive attention to detail and tactical decisions.

TBT (turn-based tactics)

The gameplay of turn-based tactics is similar to what exists in real-time tactics games, but with minor changes in the form of a stop-action.
One of the deepest and most rewarding strategy games, XCOM 2, where you save the Earth from aliens' domination, takes the place of the representative of this genre.

MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena)

A well-known genre of games in which each player controls an individual character as part of a team competing against another team.
The most popular games nowadays are League of Legends and Dota 2.

Auto chess

The youngest subgenre that has chess-like elements where players place characters on a battlefield, who then fight the opposing team's characters. One of the most successful project for now is Teamfight Tactics by Riot Games.

Tower defense

Build structures. Defense your legacy. Destroy enemies. That's how you describe the actions in these games.
The most commonly known games from this genre are Kingdom Rush and Plants vs. Zombies.

Each of these genres has its unique features and lately, they are more blended in new games, that later become something legendary. It's time to make a move!