Civilization VI - turn-based strategy on PC

Pros & Cons of Civilization

  • Cartoonish graphics
  • New nations, scenarios, wonders and buildings
  • Units are moving very slowly
  • AI is spending a lot of time to build own state

First Civilization game was released in 1991. In 2020 there are 6 series already.

The last Civilization VI game was released on October 21, 2016, which includes two add-ons: Civilization VI: Rise & Fall (2018), the first add-on for Civilization VI, and Civilization VI: Gathering Storm (2019), the second add-on for Civilization VI.

There are several companies participated in developing Civilization: MicroProse, Firaxis Games, Westlake Interactive, Aspyr, and BreakAway Games.

The game further combines the genres of grand strategy, 4X, and wargame. The player controls a civilization throughout historical time, from the ancient world to the present. The player can control the economy, politics, military action, trade, exploration of new lands, and new technologies. He needs to compete with other civilizations to win the game.

What is interesting in Civilization game?

You can try yourself in the role of Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, Catherine II, and other equally important personalities. The game offers 8 different difficulty levels — Settler, Сhieftain, Knight, Prince, King, Emperor, Immortal, and Deity.

The game has several types of units: military, settlers and additional (caravans and diplomats). The type of unit is characterized by power attacks, force of protection and speed of movement, specific unit, in addition, experience (novice or veteran). Settlers can found cities, improve terrain (to build roads, mines, irrigation, plant forests, etc.).
Each city is characterized by population size and the number of collected resources (trade, production, and food). Resources produced on the territory of the city and in the neighboring cells. Each cell on the map depending on the terrain type (steppe, forest, tundra, mountains, hills, sea, etc.) and improvements can produce a certain amount of each resource. In cities you can build the various buildings that increase resource production or for the satisfaction of the population.
The player may distribute the resulting income (the resource "trade"). In addition, the player can choose from several different political regimes (despotism, monarchy, republic, democracy, communism) that become available with the development of science.

The battles take place in a simplified way: the result of the battle is determined randomly based on the characteristics of the attack and the defense of the participating units and the landscape.

The goal of the game is either a military victory over everyone or a successful flight of a spaceship to Alpha Centauri. The ship is built from a large number of components, each of which requires the highest achievements of science and considerable costs for production.

At the end of the game, the player is assigned a score, and he is compared with historical figures.
The score assigned based on several criteria:
- the general population of civilization, with the satisfied being considered higher than the dissatisfied;
- the number of wonders of the world;
- successful flight to Alpha Centauri;
- the number of peaceful years that have passed since the last war;
- amount of polluting emissions.