Europe Universalis IV - grand strategy game

Pros & Cons of Europe Universalis IV

  • Сomplete freedom of action
  • Smart AI in the game
  • Game is not for free

Europe Universalis VI is a great video game crafted by Paradox, where players can make history.

Have you ever dreamt of being a king with a diamond crown on top of head? Then, it is your time to star. The EUVI grasps the period from 1444 till 1821 AD making it more intriguing to survive in a time when technology did not exist.

Europe Universalis IV Gameplay

When the game starts, a player sees the map of Earth. A player chooses one nation, be that British or Chinese, and leads it to either its prosperity or destruction. Once the province is chosen, a player is in charge of every single aspect: from trade to economy, from warfare to colonial expansion, from church to slavery. Some states already may have five-star diplomacy and strong military force, while others need to be nourished from scratch.

Economic mismanagement might bring inflation upon a country, in the same way as strong military might can lead to colonial expansion. One nation could have allies to overcome hardships as well as enemies to be betrayed by. Players can write new history with his or her name on its first page. Get America discovered by some random guy, start World War in 1500 AD, establish a new religion. Shortly, suit yourself.

The gameplay is flavored by random events that may knock a ruler off the throne or increase prestige in the eyes of other countries. Everything depends on how smart one will play. The neighboring province may stop delivering some commodity or nation is outraged at high taxes. If wise decisions and proper strategies are applied, then one’s empire will be announced as the most powerful. It may get as complicated as players want. One could dive into such a depth that World history will be turned upside down.

The interface has been updated in a new version of EUVI. Even if it is your first time holding a mouse, it will not be hard to navigate through all those buttons. Besides, there is a tutorial for those, who are unfamiliar with a game.

To sum up, the games like Hearts of Iron IV, Stellaris, Crusader Kings II, which won the hearts of more than millions of users all over the world, are Paradox company’s product which made itself known in the game industry. Europe Universalis is a perfect match for those who want to build diplomatic relations, develop a country. Are you dissatisfied with your nation's history? Then, change it. Beware, your kingdom’s fate in Europe Universalis IV may creep your dreams.